Know Your Fitbit Smart Watch. The Ultimate Guide to Fitbit Identification.

What model of Fitbit do you own?

Some Fitbit models have the model number on the back housing. If they do not have the model number go onto the Fitbit app, click on the account icon on the top right-hand corner of the app, and match your unit to the picture provided:

All photos below show a picture of the Fitbit model with model name and number next to it.

Fitbit Versa: FB504

Image result for fitbit versa model number

Fitbit Versa Lite: FB415

Image result for fb415 fitbit

Fitbit Ionic: FB503 

Image result for fitbit ionic

Fitbit Charge 3: FB409 

Image result for fitbit charge 3

Fitbit Inspire HR: FB413

Fitbit Inspire: FB412

Fitbit Alta HRFB408

Fitbit Alta:  FB406

Fitbit Flex 2: FB403

Fitbit Charge 2: FB407

Zoom in on Primary Image

Fitbit Blaze: FB502

Fitbit Surge: FB501

Image result for fitbit surge

Fitbit Charge HR: FB405

Image result for fitbit charge hr

Fitbit Flex: FB401

Image result for fitbit flex model number

Fitbit Charge: FB404

Image result for fitbit charge




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