How to Replace the Charge Port On your Ultimate Ears UE Megaboom

If the charging light on your UE Megaboom does not turn on when you plug it in or if it only turns on when the charge cable is held at a certain angle, the Micro USB port will need to be replaced. Lets get into it!


If you would prefer to read a written repair guide, check that out below. Or if the tool cost seems prohibitive for a one time repair and you would prefer that we complete this repair for you, check out our Repair Catalog to see if we offer repair services for this device. 


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Repair Difficulty:  Difficult This repair is highly technical and deals with small components and circuitry that are easy to damage. We would only recommend to complete this repair if you have experience working with such small circuitry and the equipment required to work on it. 

Time to complete: 1-2 hours

The tools and parts that you will need for this repair:

  1. A new Micro USB Charge Port
  2. Strong Pry Tool (a guitar pick, or the dull side of a butter knife can also do the trick)
  3. A soldering iron (around 15 watts is good for small electronics and would be cheaper than purchasing a temperature variable unit).
  4. Solder Flux (To ensure clean solder joints)
  5. Solder Wick (To remove excess solder, not necessary, but cheap and useful)
  6. Heat Gun (A hairdryer will not work in this instance as you need to heat a small area of a PCB and heating the whole PCB could cause other damage).
  7. Repair Kit (Or a set of Precision Tweezers)



    1. Remove The Charge Port PCB

    Use your pry tool to lift the charge port end of the rubber speaker part up and away from the cloth. You will need to work your way around the whole of the speaker gently lifting until you hear the pop sound of the clips detaching. 

    Prying the rubber part of the speaker up

    What you will see with the rubber part lifted up


    Lift the black rubber gasket off of the outside of the grey rubber piece then lift the black plastic insert out of the charge port PCB using your pry tool. 

    Lifting the black rubber gasket


    The whole board that the charge port is soldered into comes straight up and out of the speaker. You can lift it by gently prying it up on all sides a little bit each time until it comes loose. It is held in place by two connectors that do not lock. It may be helpful to watch this part in The Video

    Prying the PCB up and out of its place

    What the underside of the PCB looks like


    Once the PCB is free, remove the grey rubber gasket that is surrounding the board. 

    Removing the grey rubber gasket from the board. 


    Remove the orange gasket from around the center plug on the bottom of the PCB.

    Removing the orange gasket from the bottom of the Megaboom's charge port PCB 


    2. Remove The Old Charge Port

     While your heat gun is warming up, its good to note that there are two different types of PCBs that UE used in the Megaboom, one had two mics and the other only had one. If your PCB looks like the one on the left, it is not broken.

    Two different types of PCBs


    Apply a small amount of flux onto the PCB around the base of the micro USB port then using your heat gun (Set to around 300F or 149C) heat up the micro USB port while applying upward pressure with a set of tweezers or something similar. The Flux will melt and the solder should melt within 10-15 seconds afterwards releasing the charging port. 

    Applying flux to the charge port contacts

    Heating up the charging port 


    Clean the area around where the port used to be on the PCB using a Q tip wetted with rubbing alcohol. 

    Cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol on a Q tip


    We would also recommend using some solder wick to remove any leftover solder from the contact points on the PCB as it will make installing your new charge port much easier.  

    Removing leftover solder using solder wick 


    3. Install The New Charge Port

    Slide the new charging port into the open holes where the old one was. 

    Sliding the new charge port into its place 


    Solder the posts on the back of the charging port into place so that it will not fall out. 

    Securing the charge port in place temporarily


    Set the PCB against something so that there is pressure pushing the charging port into the PCB then apply some flux to the posts that you just soldered and heat them up again to ensure that the charge port is properly secured and seated into its place. This can take awhile as you move the soldering iron around to each post and check that the port is fully seated.

    Soldering the posts with flux on them


    Clean all of the leftover flux off of the PCB using a Q tip wetted with rubbing alcohol. 

    Removing leftover flux 


    Apply flux to the pins of the charging port on the other side of the PCB then solder them into place, making sure that they are properly seated on their gold pads and not touching each other. Also make sure that no solder is contacting the housing of the charge port. 

    Applying flux to the pins on the charge port

    Soldering the pins into place 


    Test that each pin is soldered onto its pad by using a flat head screwdriver or something similar to push each pin and check for movement. If any of them move, solder them to their pad. 

    Testing the pins for movement


    Clean the area with some rubbing alcohol on a Q tip to remove leftover flux. 

    Removing flux from the pins


    4. Put The Speaker Back Together

    Reinstall the grey rubber gasket onto the PCB. 

    Reinstalling the grey gasket onto the Megaboom's charge port PCB


    Reinstall the black rubber band onto the outside of the grey gasket. 

    Reinstalling the black band onto the outside of the grey gasket


    Reinsert the black plastic ring into the inside of the grey gasket. 

    Reinstalling the black plastic ring into the inside of the grey gasket


    Reinstall the orange gasket around the center plug on the bottom of the PCB. 

    Reinstalling the orange gasket onto the center plug of the Megaboom's PCB


    Reinstall the PCB into the speaker carefully to avoid damaging the two plugs. Make sure to apply even pressure to get it seated then pushed down hard until it clicks into place. 

    Reinstalling the PCB into the speaker until it clicks in place 


    Lastly, close up the rubber flap on the speaker by applying pressure all around the base of the speaker until you hear it snap into place and the rubber is flush with the fabric. 

    Snapping the bottom of the rubber into its place


    5. Get back to enjoying your gear 🤓


    If you have any questions in regards to this repair, feel free to shoot us an email or text and we will do our best to reply to you as quickly as possible. Please inquire using our Repair Catalog if you are wondering how much a certain repair will cost. If you do not see your item in our repair catalog, it means that we do not offer repair services for it. 


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