About Joe's

We are proud to offer our clients competitive prices and phenomenal customer service!


Joe's has revived tons of electronic "waste" out of land fills. Our passion for breathing life back into electronics has allowed for once dusty electronics and gaming merchandise to have a second life. Hope you can join us on this journey as Joe's grows. 

Why should you choose Joe's GE?

  • Our service is fast and friendly; you can talk to a human if you need assistance.

      ☏ (201) 898-5637 



  • All our pre-owned and refurbished items are tested extensively and are backed by our 45 day limited warranty (which is unheard of in the industry). 
  •  ♻ We're Green ♻--We take what most people would give up on and bring it back to perfect working order. 
  • You're supporting the little guys, through that providing living wage jobs.

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