Apple Watch Series 2 3 4 5 6 38MM 42MM 40MM 44MM LTE GPS Touch Screen LCD Display - Refurbished

$ 160.00

Refurbished Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4, Series SE,  Series 5, and Series 6 screens. In order to ensure that your watch functions properly we recommend only using a genuine Apple watch screen part as shown in this listing.  Professional installation recommended. Test your screen before installation. If you need our repair services we will gladly repair your broken Apple Watch.

  • Part Condition: Grade A
  • LCD Brand: Apple
  • Digitizer Brand: Generic 
Parts Available:
  • Series 6 44MM GPS or LTE Screen 
  • Series 6 40MM GPS or LTE Screen
  • Series SE / Series 5 44MM GPS or LTE Screen 
  • Series SE / Series 5  40MM GPS or LTE Screen
  • Series 4 44MM GPS or LTE Screen
  • Series 4 40MM GPS or LTE Screen
  • Series 3 38MM GPS
  • Series 3 42MM GPS
  • Series 3 38MM GPS + LTE
  • Series 3 42MM GPS + LTE
  • Series 2 38MM
  • Series 2 42MM

To ensure you order the correct size check the back side of your Apple Watch to see the size which will say 38MM, 40MM, 42MM or 44MM. GPS or LTE is not relevant for Series 4 watches and newer models but matters for the Series 3 models.

What's needed to install the screen?

Need help installing your Apple Watch screen? Watch our repair video here.

If this screen is glued in place we do not honor returns. Must be returned in the same condition without any adhesive or broken pins to get a full refund. Be careful, take your time and rock this DIY project.