Beats By Dre 3M Die Cut Ear Pad Cushion Tape Solo 2 Solo 3 Studio 2

$ 5.00

Sticker can fit left or right side as they are die cut to fit either side. This tape is designed to work for the following models. Solo 2 Wired, Solo 2 Wireless, Solo 3 Wireless, Studio 2 Wired, and Studio 2 Wireless. 

The white tape with the blue writing is a double sided tissue tape that works for your Studio 2 ear pads. This will adhere your pad frame to the speaker housing.

The red tape is a special tape that is used on your Solo 2/3 headphones. A lot of tape on the market is not designed to hold your ear pads to your speaker housing good. This tape will work great and will work on either your left or right side.

To install tape. You must clean the surface COMPLETELY of the previous tape and make sure that the ear pad and speaker housing are exposed to the clean plastic. Once there is no tack on both plastic pieces install the tape. The tape must be first installed on the ear pad plastic frame. Then you apply the pads with the sticker onto a clean speaker housing surface. Heat up the tape once its on the muff if you're in a cold environment to allow for better stick. Apply pressure to the muff for 30 seconds to make sure it holds properly.

Solo 2 Ear Pad Tape Install.

Studio 2 Ear Pad Tape Install.

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