HP Elitebook 2530P 12.1" Windows 10 (Refurbished)

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It's rare when a laptop can pull off great battery life with either its standard battery or an extended one. The HP EliteBook 2530p has the battery capacity to last from a breakfast meeting to a late-afternoon hangout time without sacrificing performance. Its long battery life can be attributed, in varying degrees, to the low-voltage CPU and a miro 120GB hard drive(HDD). If you need a laptop that was light (3LB), durable, and has a full-size keyboard for a week long business trip, then this is the laptop for you. Laptop is ready to go straight from the package. Simple as it gets. 


Specification :

Brand / Model:

Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo L9400 @1.86Ghz

Operation System: Windows 10 Home (32 bit)

HDD / Ram: 120GB, 4GB

USB: 2 ports

Webcam / CD drive: Yes, Yes

Fingerprint Scanner: Yes

Battery: Extended battery

Charger: Genuine charger included

Condition: B+

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