Apple Watch Series 8 Screen Glass Polishing Scratch Removal

Apple Watches use tough glass to avoid cracks and damage but even the toughest glass can still scratch over time. We have the ability to polish out most scratches in glass and reapply the same coatings that Apple applies in the factory.


Below we've compiled a sample of polishings we've completed. These are only examples and the cost you will pay and the results may vary. Most scratches can be removed unless they're very deep. 


Before Polishing

After Polishing

What the customer told us:
On 9/21/2023 a client from Sunnyvale CA 94089 sent in their Apple Watch Series 8 for polishing. They selected the "Screen Polishing" option in the repair form and told us there were many scratches, but they were not very deep and could be easily removed. 
Cost of service (prices subject to change):
$80 was paid for the polishing and the watch was returned to the customer within 8 days of it arriving at our facility.
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