How to package items to ship/send them in for repair

Heyo! Thanks so much for your interest in our repair services. 

We offer free shipping labels to cover the cost of you sending most devices into us for repair. You can obtain a free shipping label of your own by filling out the Repair Form under the repair services section of our website.

The labels that we offer do not come with any insurance and are made for the absolute minimum weight of the device you are sending in plus a padded mailing envelope. Any shipment under one pound will have a First Class mailing label assigned to it with a specific weight that the package must be under. 

For shipments that are over one pound, you will receive a label that can be used on a Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded Envelope which can be obtained for free at most USPS post offices.

If your package is too heavy for the label provided to you or you use the incorrect packaging, it is likely that we will be charged a fee when we pick the package up from the post office, which will then be added to your repair bill. 

***If you want to send your items in a box or add insurance to the shipment, you will need to use your own shipping label. 

Are you a business? We offer wholesale discounts on our repair services if you are sending numerous units in for repair or want to send us continuing batches of devices for repair on a regular basis. Contact our support team for more info (This email is only for wholesale inquiries, please contact for other inquiries).

Shipping in Larger Items

Watch this video if you are sending in a larger item or multiple items and have received a Priority Mail shipping label. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email @


Shipping in Smaller Items

Watch this video if you are sending in a smaller item and received a First Class Mail shipping label with a weight limit on it. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot us an email @


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