Know Your Samsung Watch. The Ultimate Guide to Samsung Watch Identification.

What model of Samsung Watch do you own?

The easiest way to tell what model of Samsung watch you own is to 

1. Press the power button 

2. Go into settings app

3. Press about watch and you will see the model number

About device screen on Galaxy Watch Active2

If you are not connected to your Watch or your watch isn't working most Samsung Watches have the model name and number located on the back of the housing. 


Samsung Galaxy Gear

Model number: SM-V700

Samsung Gear 2

Model number: 


SM-R381 (Neo)

Gear 2 Neo 

Samsung Gear S

Model number: 

SM-R750 (Celullar)


SM-R750A/B/D/P/T/V/W (Cellular)

Samsung Gear S2

Model number:

SM-R720 (Bluetooth)

SM-R730 (LTE)

SM-R732 (Classic Bluetooth)


Samsung Gear S3

Model number:

SM-R760 (Frontier Bluetooth)

SM-R765 (Frontier LTE)

SM-R770 (Classic Bluetooth)


Samsung Gear Sport

Model number:


Samsung Gear Sport (SM-R600) Review - Tech Blimp Samsung Gear

Samung Galaxy Watch

Model number:

SM-R800 (Bluetooth)

Galaxy Watch

SM-R805 (LTE)

Galaxy Watch

Samung Galaxy Watch Active

Model number:


Galaxy Watch Active

Samung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Model number:

SM-R830 (Bluetooth)

Galaxy Watch Active2

SM-R835 (LTE)

Galaxy Watch Active2

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 

Model number:

SM-R840 (Bluetooth)

Galaxy Watch3

SM-R845 (LTE)

Galaxy Watch3

Fitness Bands

Samsung Gear Fit

Model number:



Samsung Gear Fit 2

Model number:


Samsung Gear Fit 2 SM-R360 – Renew Electronics 

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro

Model number:


front red

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Model number:


Galaxy Fit 

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