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We sell parts for a wide variety of headphones from brands such as Apple, Beats, Bose, JBL, and Sony. Whether your headphones need a new battery or have a cracked headband, cracked swivel, cracked hinge, or just won't power on, we've got you covered with parts to repair most any issue. 
We also offer repair services that usually range from $80-$300 depending on the headphones and what issue they are experiencing. You can find more info about the repair services Here.  
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If your headphones have water damage parts to fix them will usually cost $40-250 depending on which model you have. The JBL headphones are likely the cheapest to repair and the Apple AirPods Max are usually the most expensive. Repairing water damage yourself with new parts on the Sony XM4 or XM5 might cost around $80-150 as you will likely need to replace multiple parts to find which one is bad. 
Bose headphones are not only very comfortable but they are also easy to repair. We sell parts for Bose headphones ranging from the NC 700 to the QC 35 and QC 45 series. Parts for Bose headphones will usually cost between $30-$100 depending on what issue yours have. We sell batteries, swivel hinges, headbands, new wiring and more for the various models of Bose headphones. 
AirPods Max parts are generally some of the most expensive as the headphones are very complicated. AirPods Max parts usually range from $50-250 depending on what issue you are trying to repair and there are usually multiple parts that can cause the same issue which adds to the cost.