Grade A, Grade B, or Grade C?

Hello there! Thanks for checking out Joe's Gaming & Electronics. While you peruse the aisles of our website you might see products that have a "Grade" option as seen below. 

Grade options

To offer you the best price point based on what you are looking for, we offer three different categories of condition for the refurbished electronics that we sell.

***All devices that we sell, regardless of condition, will arrive fully functioning as they should. The grading only refers to the level of wear that the device will show.***

Grade A: Excellent Condition (Appearance: Looks brand new, no dents or visible scratches.) This item is in new condition showing no signs of previous use. If the item is a set of headphones or earbuds, it will come with new ear pads or ear tips. 

 Brand New Apple Watch

Brand New Beats Studio


Grade A- : Very Good Condition (Appearance: Has minimal signs of wear.) This item is in a new condition showing light signs of use that make this item not fall under the perfect condition but it is better than a Grade B condition item that will show moderate wear. If the item is a set of headphones or earbuds, it will come with new ear pads or ear tips. 

These items below essentially look new, but may show faint signs of use.


Gopro front side

Beats Studio 3 Hinge


Grade B: Good Condition (Appearance: Has moderate signs of wear) The item may show signs of light use such as small marks or micro scratches on either the screen or housing of the unit. There will be no cracks or major scuffs on any screens that might be present on the item. If the item is a set of headphones or earbuds, it will come with new ear pads or ear tips.

Compare this to the grade A watch shown above. 

Glass may show light signs of use consistent with what you would expect from an 8/10 product.  

Small chips missing in the paint on these Studio 3 headphones. 

New ear pads or ear tips are put on headphones and earbuds. 

Grade C: 6/10 (Appearance: heavy signs of previous use.) Items will show heavy signs of use such as scratches, small dents, or scuffs. Any screen on the item will likely have scratches or scuffs on it. No cracks will be present on any screen. Headphones or earbuds will have new or thoroughly cleaned ear pads/ear tips installed on them. All devices will be fully tested and functioning.

Grade C Samsung Smart Watch

Grade C Apple Watch

This speaker shows heavy signs of use but is fully functioning.

Bose Speaker Grade C

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