The JoesGE Story

Not sure how you made it here since there are so many other attractive links to click only a few pixels away, such as "Returns" "Terms of use" and of course "Privacy and security". Regardless of this matter, we appreciate you being here as it means you are probably a caring wonderful individual that does not want to send their beloved electronics in to some random company in the boondocks for repair. First off, in the interest of full disclosure, we are indeed in the boondocks. Secondly, of course, is the fact that we care for your electronics as though they were our own and do our best to maintain a level of communication that we would want if we sent our own electronics in to a company for repair. 

Everything moves so fast nowadays--texts, emails, those fake Facebook friend requests and more tweets than we could possibly read in the rest of our lives. All of this trains us to crave constant communication, which is why we also desire to keep in contact with you throughout your whole repair or ordering process. Plus, why not tweet a few more times? Who knows, maybe we'll be retweeted by a certain someone. 

I've already admitted that we're located out in the boondocks, in the Pacific Northwest to be a bit more specific. Around here we're known for our rain, in all its many forms: drizzle, downpour, showers, torrential, and--my personal favorite--sideways. Fortunately, the only kind of rain we don't get is acid rain, and we want to keep it that way. This is the reason that we care about the environment. We are a refurbishing company, which means that we take things that would be thrown into landfills and repurpose or repair them. This means fewer new products need to be created and fewer products end up polluting the lush green and blue orb that we live on, which in turns means less chance that you will be seeing acid rain in your 10 day weather forecast. I wonder how Siri would describe the conditions that day, "Clear and sunny in the morning with a chance of acid rain later so make sure to hide everything you own under a lead umbrella." That doesn't sound fun so let's keep taking care of this place.

I bet when you first came to this page, you saw all the words and freaked out and either left or maybe just watched the video, but dang, if you made it this far congrats, you're either a heavy user of blog websites or you can enjoy a good piece of literature when you read it, or maybe you just wanted our contact info? Gosh, you didn't need to read all of this just to find our contact info, but hey, who am I to judge, I spent all this time writing this whole thing. I could have been eating the pizza that's next to me. Now that's a sacrifice for the company, if I do say so myself. 

Anyways, you probably just skipped straight to the contact info which is likely what I would do as well so feel free to do the communication dance with your fingers and tap them around to get connected to the voice of a human being, or to a human being that is also doing the communication dance on their keyboard, with their fingers, which are attached to them (hopefully).


📞  360.362.1722 (talk to a human)

 📩 (email a human)


If your massive itch to read a ton of words has not been satisfied yet, please also know that we offer 30 day return policy with no restocking fee on products with no defects. If you do receive something from us and it stops working, we offer a 100 day limited warranty covering defects, which means that if you decide to test the strength of your headphones by using them as a pogo stick, or you tested how waterproof that waterproof speaker really was by taking it scuba diving, we wouldn't cover the incurred damages under our warranty.