Apple Watch Series SE (1st Gen) 44mm 40mm Fix Repair - Service

It's a tough day when your Apple Watch Series SE watch breaks. Thankfully the ninjas at JoesGE are experts in repairing your broken Apple Watch Series SE smartwatchs. Below is a list of all the repairs we can do on your malfunctioning Apple Watch Series SE. 

  • Apple Watch Series SE Screen Repair Replacement. Symptoms of this repair are the following issues. Broken screen. Cracked display. Line on LCD. Smashed touch screen. Heavy scratches that may require a new screen. Ghost touch on your screen. Not responding to your touch. 
  • Apple Watch Series SE Back Cover HR Replacement Repair. Cracked back cover. Smashed HR sensor. The back cover no longer charging your watch due to damage. The back glass no longer chargers your watch. HR function on your watch is not accurate. 
  • Apple Watch Series SE Battery Replacement Repair. The battery will no longer hold a long charge. A battery service warning came up on your Apple Watch Ultra. The battery will not hold a charge. The watch will die after it has been pulled off the charger. 
  • Apple Watch Series SE Main Shell Housing With Dail Replacement Repair. Buttons on your main shell are no longer working. The crown dial on your Ultra will not respond when you spin it. The power button is sticky or not working when you press it. The housing has deep scratches on it making the watch look bad.  
  • Apple Watch Series SE Tapic Engine Replacement Repair. Tapic engine no longer works as it used to. No Taptic feedback when you typically would feel it on your watch. 
  • Apple Watch Series SE Speaker Replacement Repair. The speaker no longer sounds as loud as it used to. The speaker will not work and you can't hear sound when you should. Blown-out sounds that will be muffled or distorted.
  • Apple Watch Series SE Screen Polish Scratch Removal Repair. The screen is heavily scratched and you'd like to remove the scratches to make the screen look much better. 

No need to pay upfront! Unlike all the other repair service companies, we won't charge you until your device is fixed. Just fill out our repair form, get your free shipping label, and send in your device. We'll handle the rest! 

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Apple Watch Series SE Model Numbers We Repair: 

  • Apple Watch Series SE (1st Gen) 40mm & 44mm [A2351, A2352, A2094, A2353, A2354, A2355, A2356]