iPad Pro 4th Gen Completed Repairs at JoesGE

The 4th Generation iPad Pro is a work horse. Whether its the 11 inch or 12.9 inch version, they still offer performance beyond what most people will need. If yours has been damaged, we can repair it! Whether it's a cracked screen, bad charge port, faulty buttons, failing battery, faulty cameras, water damage, or most any other issue, we can help get it back up and running like new. 


Below we've compiled a sample of repairs we've completed for the 4th Generation iPad Pro. These are only examples and the cost you will pay and the results may vary. 


iPad with the Stock Charge Port

New charge port installed. 


What the customer told us:
On 4/28/24 a client from West Hartford CT 06110 sent in their 4th Gen iPad Pro 12.9" with a charging problem. They selected the "Charging" option in the repair form and told us " Charging port not working" in their repair notes.
Cost of service (prices subject to change):
$200 was paid for the charging port replacement and the iPad was fully tested and ensured to be working after the repair. It was received by us on May 2, 2024 and returned to the customer on May 10.
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