Apple MacBook Air 13.3" A1932 2018 2019 Repair Replacement Spare - Parts

$ 18.00

Original Macbook Air A1932 & A2179 repair parts. See the condition options in the drop-down menu with the colors to select what you need for your laptop. The Grade A condition items may be removed from a laptop or refurbished to meet Grade A criteria but the LCD panel would be original. Make sure you check the part number section of this listing to see what parts are compatible with which Macbook model. Do not order the part you need until you take your laptop apart to match up part numbers. 

You can use our mail-in repair center to get your MacBook Pro fixed by a professional. 

  • Brand: Apple
  • Fits Model: All parts will work for A1932 (2019). Some parts are compatible with A1932 (2018), A2179 (2020), or A2337 (2020). Look at the part numbers collection below to check for compatibility. 
  • Screen Size: 13.3"
  • Cosmetic Condition: Grade A (9.5/10), Grade A- (9.0/10), and Grade B (8.0/10). 

Part Numbers:

Screen Compatibility Notes: A2179 in the year 2020 and A1932 2019 use the same screen. A1932 in the year 2018 has a different screen. You need to know the year of your laptop before you buy a screen or any other part to match part numbers and compatibility.  

  • Screen Assembly (Gold): 661-15391 (Fits A2179 (2020) & A1932 For (2019))
  • Vent / Antenna Bar: 923-02439 (Compatible with A2179 & A1932) 
  • Keyboard Assembly: 661-12594 (Compatible with A1932 2018 & 2019) 
  • Back Cover (Rose Gold): 813-07039-23 / 613-07039-A (Compatible with A1932)
  • Internal Fan: 610-00396 (Compatible with A2179 & A1932)
  • Battery A1965 4379mAh: 080-333-4000 (Compatible with A2179 & A1932)
  • USB-C Port Board: 820-01161 & 821-01658 (Compatible with A2179, A1932, & A2337)
  • Audio Port Board:
  • Audio Board Flex Cable: 821-02788 (Compatible with A2179, A2337, & A1932)
  • Display Flex Cable: 821-01552, 821-02721, 923-02440. (Compatible with A2179, A2337,& A1932)