Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ Plus SM-X610 Repair Replacement Spare - Parts

$ 150.00

Genuine Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 FE+ tablet repair parts. 

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Fits Model Name: Galaxy Tab S9
  • Fits Model Number: SM-X610
  • Cosmetic Condition: Grade A (9.5/10), Grade A- (9.0/10), and Grade B (8.0/10). 

Part Numbers:

  • Screen Assembly: GH82-32757A
  • Back Rear Metal Assembly (Gray): GH96-16534A
  • Back Rear Metal Assembly (Mint): GH96-16534D
  • 9800mAh Battery EB-BX818ABY:  GH82-32756A
  • Charger Port SVC SUB PBA USB: GH82-32781A
  • SIM/SD Card Reader: GH59-15700A
  • SD Card Tray (Gray): GH98-48718A
  • Stylus Pen (Gray): GH96-15768A
  • SVC SUB PBA-WIFI Antenna PBA: GH82-32750A
  • Speakers Top Right: GH82-32754A (Fits SM-X610 & SM-R616)
  • Speakers Bottom Right: GH82-32783A (Fits SM-X610 & SM-R616)
  • 12MP Front Camera: GH96-16036A (Fits SM-X510, SM-X610, SM-X810, SM-X710, SM-X510, SM-X518, XM-S818)
  • Rear Cameras: 8MP | GH96-16120A. 8MP FF MAIN | GH96-16034A (Fits SM-X610, SM-X810, and SM-X818.)
  • SUB Flex POGO Ribbon: GH59-15678A
  • Coaxial Cable: GH39-02168A