A Few Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Glue to Repair Your Electronics

We repair thousands of electronics and frequently receive broken electronics that have had an attempted repair job using glue. It seems like an easy fix to simply glue something back together, however, it can actually cause more problems down the line. 

Take for instance the Studio 2 headphones pictured at the top of this article. The plastic headband broke off, leaving pieces of plastic inside of the metal hinge. The owner attempted to glue them back together which held for a time, but when the headband inevitably broke again and the headphones were sent into us for repair, instead of just paying for a headband replacement, this customer also needed a hinge replacement on the headphones because they glued the broken pieces of plastic into the hinge. We can sometimes remove the pieces using solvent, however, that also strips the paint off of the hinge causing permanent damage, unless we replace the hinge. 

This is just one example of many as to how gluing your electronics can increase the total repair cost by requiring us to replace additional parts. 


If you are wondering whether or not your repair could be simply fixed by gluing your device, feel free to reach out to us. There are some repairs that can be temporarily avoided using glue and we would be happy to help you fix your device in a way that won't hinder future repairs. Send photos of your device to us at Support@JoesGE.com.

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