All Steak; Beats Studio 3 Wireless Lives up to Promises

The next BIG thing is here. The mega giant Apple is slowly showing its power in technology and supply chain by creating products that perform better without changing their iconic look. When Apple acquired Beats in 2014 many people were confused why a company like Apple would buy Beats. The biggest benefit of this partnership is that Beats’ product lines can now take advantage of  the funding and technology that a massive company like Apple can bring to the table. Most recently, the Beats Studio 3 Wireless that were released in late September 2017 highlight the cutting-edge innovation that Apple’s resources make possible. The Studio 3 Wireless looks the same externally as the Studio 2 Wireless but the real magic on this pair (as well as the Solo 3 Wireless, Powerbeats 3 Wireless and BeatsX) happens on the inside.

What’s new with the Studio 3 Wireless?

We at Joe’s have been hearing through the grapevine about the Studio 3’s making. Our guess was that the product would look the same but the Apple W1 chip would be the central focus of the upgraded internals. What we didn’t expect was the revolutionary new feature Beats dropped, called Pure ANC.

What is Pure ANC?

“Pure ANC is magical.” That quote has been floating around our office at Joe’s GE these last few days. ANC stands for “active noise cancellation,” but Pure ANC is more impressive than it sounds. Pure ANC is an active and reactive noise blocking technology. For example, if a car drives by while you’re wearing your headphones, within a few seconds you will notice the Pure ANC kick in to block this exterior noise. The technology relies on tiny external speakers that are constantly analyzing the sound that surrounds you. It then adjusts the noise blocking higher or lower depending on what your environment throws at you. Pure ANC can also adjust based on sound leakage caused by inconsistent ear pad seal due to different head sizes and adjustments. It also works magic with your music’s .wav files, where it will adjust your sound based on processed and preprocessed files to make for the best audio experience. This happens live up to 50,000 times per second according to Beats.

How does the Apple W1 chip help?

Apple W1 chips are very close to magic as well. It’s so efficient that in previous models it doubled the life of a battery from 20 hours to 40 hours even when the battery capacity stayed the same. The Solo3 wireless actually has the same battery as the Solo2 wireless, which is 350mAh, yet the battery life is twice as long. The latest Studio 3 has the same technology built in. This will allow for three new benefits:

1)      Easy pairing capability. Simply turn on your Bluetooth on your compatible Apple device. Then turn on your Studio 3 and put them next to your device. You’ll see a little window pop up on your screen asking if you want to pair your Beats to your mobile device. Simply press okay and it will pair like a charm.

2)      Higher quality sound with more consistent Bluetooth. Fewer drop offs, less lagging, and more updates. No more watching your video on your phone and putting up with 2 seconds of delay for the sound to catch up on your device. Out with the old, in with the new.

3)      Finally, improved battery life. Technically, battery life hasn’t doubled if you’re using Pure ANC, but you do have the ability to turn it off to increase the battery life from 22 hours to 40 hours. This small button will be located on the base of your headphones. This just goes to show how intense the new Pure ANC will be, considering that turning it off doubles your battery life. Fortunately, being able to deactivate Pure ANC when it isn’t needed makes the feature more flexible and will significantly extend battery life.

Final word

Studio 3s have all the best of the Studio 2 wireless, yet the MSRP is cheaper than the previous models and it has all these cool new features. We recommend these headphones for people who enjoy amazing sound and pure noise cancellation, especially in environments with variable noise levels. We would suggest these headphones for light workouts, working around the house, in the office, or on the bus, subway, or plane.

We do not suggest them for hard workouts at the gym, which is a really good way to corrode the inside of your headphones and then you'll have to get them repaired. If you need help getting your Beats repaired we got you covered.
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