Sony WH-1000XM4 Hinge Swivel Replacement

Are your XM4s broken where they fold and swivel? Watch the videos or follow the written steps below for the side of your headphones that is broken to learn how to fix your headphones. 


🚥 Repair Difficulty:
Moderate / 1-2 hours
Lots of small parts and wires that are fragile. No soldering required.


Parts you'll need 🧰


If the tool cost seems prohibitive, check out our repair catalog to see if we offer repair services for your device. If it's not listed, we don't repair it.


      • A replacement Hinge Swivel (Right) (Left) (Click the link then pick the right side of swivel according to the side that's broken from the drop down)
      • Scroll on the product page to "Frequently bought together" to add all the tools you need as well. 
      • Or, select your side below if you only need the part.

        Tools you'll need 🪛 
      • Repair Kit (All tools you'll need for the repair)
      • Strong Pry Tool (a guitar pick, or the dull side of a butter knife can also do the trick) 
      • A Small Phillips Screwdriver
      • A Small Flat Edge Screwdriver


          Thie guide works for the right and left swivel although certain parts differ between the sides. We've labeled the sections specific to R or L.

          1. Disassemble the ear cup

          1.1: Remove the ear pad using a pry tool between the leather and plastic of the ear cup. It is held in place by some clips. 


          1.2: Lift the foam center piece and set it to the side. 


          1.3: Remove these four silver Phillips head screws.  


          1.4: Using your small flathead screwdriver, lift the cap off the exterior of the ear cup by sliding the screwdriver into this small gap and lifting. Don't lift the cap off too far as there is a ribbon cable attached to it. 


          These next few steps are for the right side, the left side instructions come after these and are labeled with "L". 

          R.1: with the cap removed, gently pull straight out on this white ribbon cable to release it from its connector. This white ribbon is for the touch controls. 


          R.2: Disconnect the black/red battery wires and their connector from the socket by gently pulling up and away from the circuit board. 


          R.3: Disconnect this small ribbon cable that is connected to the battery. Use your finger and flat head to hook the lip that sticks out on each side of the plug then lift it up. 


          R.4: Remove these two Phillips head screws that hold the power board in place. 


          R.5: Lift the power board and the main internal wire out of their spots then remove the two Phillips screws that hold the swivel into the housing. 


          The Left side:

          L.1: Remove these two Phillips head screws from housing. 


          2. Removing the Swivels

          2.1: Disconnect the main wire clip. It will be in different places depending on what side you are working on but it's the same clip in socket. You can use your flat head and fingernail to slide it out of the socket. 

          2.2: Depending on the side of the housing you are working with, you will have loosened two Phillips screws on one side of the housing. Those screws held part of the swiveling mechanism in place. You should now be able to lift it out of the housing. 


          2.3: You can then push the other side of the mechanism out of its socket by pushing the side you just pulled out in the direction of the side that is still in place. 


          2.4: Set the ear cup aside. Remove this small plastic piece and slide it over the main internal wire being careful to not damage the small wires. You can leave the blue rubber gasket in place. Be careful to not damage it. 


          2.5: Use your small flat head screwdriver to lift the plastic cover on the backside of the swivel mechanism. You can start it with the screwdriver on both sides then lift it carefully with your fingers using the flat head to help if it starts to get stuck. **This is very thin plastic, be careful to not break it by lifting too far too fast. 


          2.6: Lift the main internal wire out of the swivel then remove the two silver Phillips head screws. 


          2.7: You can now slide the broken swivel off of the main wire. If you compare it with your new swivel you should be able to see how the lip is worn down or broken off on the old piece in comparison to the new one. 



          3. Installing the New Swivel

          3.1: Slide the new swivel onto the main wire all the way up to the headband. Make sure that it has the flat side with two holes facing outward as seen below. (The parts are different for the left and right side, so make sure you order the correct one for the side that is broken). 


          3.2: The metal locking pin for the hinge swivel has a notch on it that should always be facing to the right no matter which side you're installing the swivel on. Orient your headphones as shown below and make sure the notch is facing to the right.


          3.3: Slide the horseshoe pine into the slot on the outside of the new hinge swivel and make sure that it goes all the way in until it's flush with the plastic. 


          3.4: Rotate the new swivel so that the flat side with the holes is facing down then line it up with the swivel shell piece and install the two screws. 


          3.5: Test that the swivel functions properly and doesn't have any strange gaps or issues then make sure that the screws are tightened down snug. 

          Reinstall the main wire into its spot. It's best to start where the wire is already bent from how it was installed previously then work your way back up the wire from there. 


          3.6: Line up the top of the backside swivel cover with the swivel piece and snap it into place. You can then press the rest of the cover down using the adhesive that should still be on it. It should be sitting flush inside of the swivel piece. 


          3.7: Slide the blue rubber O-ring back onto the swivel piece then install the small plastic piece over it. You want the side with the cutout to be facing towards the outside of the swivel piece so that it locks in around the swivel. (This shows the left hand side piece, the right piece will look different but follow the same principle)


          3.8: Slide the side of the swivel that doesn't have the plastic piece into its socket then set the side with the plastic piece into its spot. The screw holes should be facing up. You can then install the two screws that hold it in place. 



          4. Reassembling the Ear Cup

          4.1: Reconnect the main wire if you were working on the left side. If you are working on the right side, also line up the main wire into it's spot and secure the power board down on top of it with its two Phillips screws then reconnect the two battery cables into their sockets and the wide white ribbon cable for the touch controls. 


          4.2: Lay the exterior cap down onto the ear cup, making sure that there are no wires pinched under it and that it sits flat then secure it in place with the four long silver screws. 


          4.3: Lay the foam and the ear pad onto the speaker cup then press around the edge of the ear pad until you hear each pin clip into place. 

          You can tug around the ear pad after it's installed to make sure all of the clips are secure. 




          5. Get back to enjoying your gear 🤓 

          If you have any questions in regards to this repair, feel free to shoot us an email or text and we will do our best to reply to you as quickly as possible. Please inquire using our Repair Catalog if you are wondering how much a certain repair will cost. If you do not🛒 see your item in our repair catalog, it means that we do not offer repair services for it.
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