Apple AirPods Max Headphone Repair Examples

Not too long ago you were using your Airpods Max like they're meant to be used -- listening to music and podcasts, taking zoom calls and occasionally calling a human to talk to. Now your Airpods are sitting around damaged, lifeless...what to do? Let us handle your Airpods Max repair with our highly-rated repair service. Our ninja technicians have brought back thousands of Airpods to their glory days.


Below we've compiled a sample of repairs we've done - some before and after images - to show off our ninjas capabilities and how much you might pay for a similar repair. We restore Airpods to pre-accident condition using only the highest quality parts, materials, and technicians. We're impressed :) 

Condition Airpods we received from client

Airpods as they left the repair facility

What our client told us:

On 11/28/2022 a client from Alameda CA 94501 sent in their Apple Airpods Max selecting power as an issue. They noted the Airpods Max battery doesn't keep a charge and suspected liquid damage.

Our diagnosis of required repairs:

During intake our technician confirmed the the Airpods needed a battery replacement service and also recommended new ear pads given the stains on the headphones.

Cost of service (prices subject to change):

$245 was paid for an Airpods Max battery replacement service and ear pads replacement; this includes shipping to and from the shop.