Beats Studio 3 Completed Repair Testimonies

Beats makes some great headphones! Unfortunately, the sleek design doesn't lend itself towards durability. Whether it's the plastic piece that connects the two metal hinges (the headband), other plastic pieces near the speakers, a software or electrical issue, or anything that could go wrong, we can fix your Studios!


Below we've compiled a sample of repairs we've completed for customers. These are only examples and the cost you will pay and the results may vary. We can fix most any issue and if we can't we may offer you a trade in for another set of Studios. 


Before Repair



After Repair


What the customer told us:
On 5/28/2024 a client from East Orange NJ 07017 sent in their Shadow Grey Beats Studio 3 headphones for repair. The customer said, "The earmuffs need to be changed and it has cracks on the left and the right sides of the headphones because I slept on them a couple times when I was younger. I want you guys to replace the areas that are cracked please". 
Cost of service (prices subject to change):
$150 was paid for the replacement of both insides panels, the headband, and the ear pads. The headphones look nearly brand new now and function perfectly. We used all original OEM parts for the repair and the headphones were returned to the customer within 8 days of arriving at our facility.
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