Apple Watch Ultra Completed Repairs at JoesGE

The Apple watch Ultra is the beefiest watch that Apple offers. It's not only expensive but offers some really great features (as you probably know). Because of this it's worthwhile to have it repaired if it's damaged or have the battery replaced if it has started dying more quickly. Apple charges a lot for repairs besides the battery replacement and we can usually repair any issue other than the battery for significantly less money.


Below we've compiled a sample of repairs we've completed for the Apple Watch Ultra. These are only examples and the cost you will pay and the results may vary. 


Apple Watch Ultra with Broken Screen



Installing a new Screen


After We Installed the New Screen

What the customer told us:
On 5/24/24 a client from Palm City, FL 34990 sent in their 49mm Apple Watch Ultra with a broken screen. They selected the "Screen" option in the repair form and told us "Screen cracked " in their repair notes.
Cost of service (prices subject to change):
$280 was paid for the screen replacement and the Watch was fully tested and ensured to be working after the repair. It was received by us on May 18, 2024 and returned to the customer on May 24.
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