Apple AirPods Max No Sound Speaker Replacement Repair

$ 150.00

Are your AirPods Max headphones having a sound issue? Does it seem like your sound quality has deteriorated over time or does the sound seem distorted? We can help you fix your defective speaker issue on your Apple Airpods Max headphones

How to determine if your Apple AirPods Max headphones have a defective speaker? The headphones will emit no audio from the left or right side of your headphones. The sound on the headphones sounds tinny or distorted. You can't hear sound from the left side of your headphones. The right side of your headphones will not play any music. 

Steps To Send Your Apple AirPods Max Headphones In For Repair: 

NO NEED to pay for this service ahead of time. Unlike all other repair service companies, we only charge you once we fix your broken Apple AirPods Max headphones. Please fill out our repair form, get your complimentary shipping label, send your device in, and we take care of the rest. 

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