Beats Studio 2 Wireless Wired Charge Charging Charger Port IC PCB - Parts

$ 15.99

Original Beats Studio 2 charger port parts. This part is simple to replace and will fix your failing charger port on your Beats Studio 2 headphones. The green-colored charger port is for the wired model which is B0500. You can find this model number on the inside of your right hinge, or determine it by looking at the outside of the left side hinge. If the left side hinge has the word "studio" on it then you have a wired model. If your left-side metal hinge says "wireless" you have a studio wireless edition. Blue colored charger port is for the wireless model which is B0501. Pick your model and we will get the part shipped to you.

Parts Details

  • Studio 2 Wireless Charger Port Part # CSX-B105-USB-V3R2
  • Studio 2 Wired Charger Port Part # CSX-B104-USB-V3R1

Our how-to Repair Video and written Repair Guide are here to help you with installing this part.