Beats By Dre Solo 2 2.0 HD Wired Inner Internal Replacement Main Wire Wires - Parts

$ 17.89

The wires on this listing will allow you to fix your Beats Solo HD and Beats Solo 2 wired headphones. The thickness of the wire is a total of 1MM in diameter and cut to the proper length with tinned ends. The tape will be die-cut to have a perfect fit on your Solo 2 muffs. Solo HD headphones do not need ear pad tape. Order a single wire or wire with ear pad tape. 

Beats Repair Notes: 

This wire is needed if your right side of your Beat Solo is cutting in and out or if you have no sound in your right ear at all. This common flaw is easily fixed by replacing your main wire on your Solo Beats headphones. This issue is commonly referred to "right side not working." We typically see this issue in the Beats Solo 2 Wired and in the Beats Solo HD headphones. 

To learn how to install this wire, check out our Written Repair Guide or Tutorial Video