Electric Screwdriver Pen Four Gear Dual Dynamics JM-Y05 Electronics Repair - Tools

$ 39.99

There are a lot of cheap and unreliable electric screwdrivers on the market nowadays. Although none are perfect this is the best screwdriver we have used since we started experimenting with electric screwdrivers to allow our ninjas to do quality work faster and with less effort. What we like most about this screwdriver is the fact it has four modes so you can use all the modes in order to ensure the screwdriver last longer. For example, if you are unable to unscrew a screw you can put this screwdriver in mode zero (-) and use the electric screwdriver as a handheld screwdriver without having to damage the gears in the screwdriver. We trust these are the best electronic pen-style screwdrivers on the market for this price point at this time. This screwdriver is best used to repair smartwatches, headphones, and tablets. Small electronics with smaller screws. 

  • Brand: Jakemy
  • Model: JM-Y05
  • Gears: 4 Gears
  • S-2 Screwdriver Bits: Torx: T2, Standoff: 1.5, Tri-Wing: Y0.8, Phillips: 1.5, Pentalobe: 0.8 & 1.2. 


  • Electric Screwdriver 
  • 6 Screwdriver Bits
  • Magnetizer 
  • Type-C Charging Cable
  • Manual