Samsung Galaxy S23+ Plus SM-S916U Repair Replacement Spare - Parts

$ 149.99

Genuine Samsung Galaxy S23+ Plus smartphone repair parts. 

  • Brand: Samsung
  • Fits Model Name: Galaxy S23 Plus
  • Fits Model Number: SM-S916U
  • Cosmetic Condition: Grade A (9.5/10), Grade A- (9.0/10), and Grade B (8.0/10).

Part Numbers:

  • Screen LCD: GH82-31249A
  • Screen Assembly (Cream): GH82-30469B
  • Screen Assembly (Phantom Black): GH82-30469A 
  • Screen Assembly (Green): GH82-30469C
  • Screen Assembly (Lavender): GH82-30469D
  • 4565mAh Battery: EB-BS916ABY
  • Charger Port Sim Board: GH96-15643A
  • Rear Camera Assembly: Top 12MP = GH96-15556A , Middle 50MP = GH96-15557A, Bottom 10MP = GH96-15540A. (Compatible with SM-S916U and SM-S911)
  • 12MP Front Camera: GH96-15969A (Compatible with SM-S911 and SM-S918) 
  • Back Cover (Lavender): GH97-28457D 
  • Back Cover (Phantom Black): GH97-28457A