How to Replace Butterfly key on Macbook Pro

Are your keys sticky or not clicky enough? You can remove the keys to clean dirt from under them or just replace the keys if they are looking worn. 



If you would prefer to read a written repair guide, check that out below. Or if the tool cost seems prohibitive for a one time repair and you would prefer that we complete this repair for you, check out our Repair Catalog to see if we offer repair services for this device.


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🚥 Repair Difficulty: Easy  

⏰ Time to complete: (Always exaggerate the time since this will likely be the first time someone has completed the repair)

🛠 The tools and parts that you will need for this repair:

  1. A new key (If you are replacing it. eBay is a great source for the keys)
  2. Nylon Spudger Tool (For unlocking ribbon connectors and doing other tasks that require a non conductive tool)



    1. Removing the Keys

    Start by inserting your spudger in the gap on the top side of the key you want to remove. 

    Lifting the top side of your Macbook key 


    Slide your spudger under one corner of the key while holding the bottom of the key in place. Pry upwards until you hear/feel a click and the corner releases. 

    Lifting one corner of your MacBook key 


    Slide your spudger to the other corner of the key and gently pry it up until it releases. Its good to keep your finger on the bottom of the key when releasing this corner as well. 

    Lift the other corner of the key.


    Grab the top of the key and gently wiggle it back and forth to get one corner of the bottom part of the key out of your MacBook. Once the first corner comes out, the second corner should easily slide out. 

    Gently grab the MacBook key by the top and pull one corner of the bottom out


    2. Removing the Button Contact

    Slip your thin flat head screwdriver underneath the rubber gasket and behind the black top part of the contact. 

    Sliding your small screwdriver behind the top of your MacBook key contact


    Gently lift up, one side of the contact patch while being careful to not rip the clear rubber gasket. 

    Prying up one side of the button contact on your MacBook


    Place your finger on the contact to keep it from flying away, then pry up the other side of the contact. 

    Lifting up the other side of the button contact on your MacBook


    3. Removing the Mechanism

    Use your spudger to reach under the clear gasket and pull out the white mechanism from underneath. Start by lifting up one side of the gasket, then move to the top while holding the gasket away from the plastic mechanism. 

    Reaching under the clear gasket to remove the plastic mechanism from you MacBook key 

    Moving your spudger to the top of the mechanism on your MacBook


    The plastic mechanism is only held in by the clear gasket. Once the top is out of the gasket, continue to slide the spudger around while simultaneously lifting the mechanism out of the gasket. 

    Pulling the plastic mechanism out of the clear gasket on your MacBook pro


    Be very careful to not break any of the "teeth" off of the gasket. If some are missing, you may need to purchase a new mechanism. 

    If the mechanism is broken at all in your MacBook you might need a new one



    4. Reinstalling the Mechanism and Contact

     To reinstall the mechanism, use your spudger to lift the clear gasket and slide a corner of the mechanism underneath the gasket. Work your way around the mechanism, gently holding back the gasket and pulling it over the top of the mechanism until the gasket sits entirely over the top of the mechanism. 

    Putting the mechanism back under the clear gasket on your MacBook

    The mechanism under the gasket on your MacBook


    Slide the contact under the clear gasket, carefully working it in with your spudger. 

    The button contact sitting underneath the clear gasket on your MacBook


    Center the mechanism and contact until they don't easily move. It helps to use your spudger or flat head to carefully position them. 

    Centering the button contact and mechanism on your MacBook keyboard


    Once they are centered, apply gentle pressure to the button contact and mechanism. You should feel them clip into place. Apply pressure in the center first, then in each corner. 

    Clipping the contact in place on your MacBook keyboard


    5. Reinstall the Key

    Put the bottom of the key into the deck and let it lay flat. Make sure that the two pins on bottom of the key are in their sockets. Then, apply pressure in both of the top corners until you hear the key snap into place. Putting the key back into your MacBook keyboard


    6. Get back to enjoying your gear 🤓


    If you have any questions in regards to this repair, feel free to shoot us an email or text and we will do our best to reply to you as quickly as possible. Please inquire using our Repair Catalog if you are wondering how much a certain repair will cost. If you do not see your item in our repair catalog, it means that we do not offer repair services for it. 


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