Fix your Beats and get back to jammin' Announcing our Beats repair service.

Joe’s has been refurbishing electronics since our inception. It’s what we do. This has always been primarily an in-house service, though, and we're done before the customer ever receives their item. Recently we’ve been approached by multiple customers asking if we can repair their electronics, but most of the time this just wasn't practical as shipping, handling and other costs often make this process cost prohibitive. However, for one of our most popular products it makes absolute sense.

That’s when your Beats take a beating (see what I did there) and you need them fixed. We’ve started taking in customers' headphones, quickly turning them around and getting them back so that the once-loved Beats can adorn your ears and titillate your ear drums.

We’re happy to announce that we now fix Beats starting at $35! Get your Beats repaired and get back to jammin' out.
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