Extending Joe's Already Unheard of Warranty to 45 Days

Buying pre-owned or refurbished electronics, whether Beats by Dre headphones or cell phones, requires some level of trust from the buyer. The buyer needs to trust that the seller has the buyer's best interests in mind. Unfortunately, some sellers would rather make a quick buck with inferior products. Not us. We know the best way to keep customers coming back is to offer top quality electronics that we can stand behind. And because we repair and restore our product to a like-new state as well as test them extensively we formerly offered something unheard of in the pre-owned electronics market: a 30 day limited warranty. Since we introduced our 30 day limited warranty we believe we've become even better and more meticulous about our processes and we're happy to announce that as of 11/28/2015, Joe's Gaming & Electronics will offer a 45 day limited warranty!

So what? Why does this matter? When you buy on a platform like eBay or Amazon you don't get the love and exceptional customer service that we provide. But just as important is the fact that those marketplaces don't offer a warranty. Once you make the purchase you're on your own. The team at Joe's Gaming & Electronics wants our valued customers to be completely satisfied with their experience and it seems pretty obvious to us that should include ensuring that your electronics work as well as you'd expect them to. If anything goes wrong--and it rarely does--you can count on us to make it right.

With the gifting season coming up, know that we have the electronics they want at prices you'll love, and now they're backed by our 45 day limited warranty!

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