Beats Solo HD vs Beats Solo 2

So you're about to buy a pair of Beats and you want to make the most informed decision between Beats Solo HD and Beats Solo 2. Great, we are here to walk you through the differences. Joe’s Gaming and Electronics refurbishes Beats along with many other electronics, so we get to know our products inside and out.Solo HD vs Solo 2

Every customer that I've talked to who upgraded from the Solo HD to the new Solo 2 has been really impressed with the newer edition of the Beats Solo headphone! There are seven major reasons why Beats Solo 2s are significantly improved over the older Beats Solo HD:

  • Slicker design
  • Better fit on your head
  • Better noise isolation
  • Better sound
  • Slightly larger in size
  • Bolder colors
  • Easily authenticated via serial numbers

The slick new appearance is really nice. The overall design has a sleek and seamless look and feel on the interior and exterior of the headphones. There's no question that you're wearing the latest model.

The Solo 2 is incredibly comfortable. The overall fit on the headphones is significantly better than the older Solo HD models. The ear pad cushions are slightly larger and they fit and isolate more noise than the older Solo HDs. By isolating the sound there's less leaking of the sound from the headphones, so your ears get all the sound! The overall fit of the headphones is impressive and the improvement can be felt most when worn on long trips; your ears don’t hurt from too much pressure. The overall size is also bigger. The inside dimensions as well as the outside dimensions are larger. This allows for better looking headphones that will still fold and slide in your protective case easily!

The sound quality is the biggest improvement. The sound is equal to the high-end Studio 2 since the same speakers are used in the Solo 2’s and Studio 2’s. The speaker design is made of non-metal covers which will allow for greater longevity and less ear pad cushion ring occurrence (this issue is common with older Beats; after a few years the headphone's cushions start making a squishing noise which is caused by the metal cover that is on the speaker.)

The bolder colors are a lot of peoples' favorite new feature. Even the standard headphones like the red or blue are all red and all blue inside and out. All trim colors and cushions are the same color as the headphones. These bolder colors are a great new addition to the newer Solo 2.

One of our personal favorite features of the new designed Solo 2’s is the new authenticating process that has been implemented by Apple into the Beats by Dre line—no more fakes! All the newest Apple-created headphones come with the serial number and model inside the metal hinges. This feature will help you easily recognize and authenticate your beats headphones. There are also serial numbers on the inside of the headband cushions, and there are Beats stickers on the backside of the speakers. These new features are there to ensure that you don’t end up with fake Beats.

All of these new features added by Beats by Dre have made this new design a success. We personally have tested and seen all the headphones at work. They are the best headphones we have seen in this price range.

Why buy your Beats from Joe's? Our refurbished pairs aren't just repaired, they're improved to make sure you'll get plenty of trouble-free use out of them. One of the biggest design flaws can cause abrasion that leads to internal wires being damaged and shorting out. The team at doesn't just fix this issue, we go a step further and enlarge the undersized holes to prevent the wiring from failing in the future. Our proactive process ensures that you're getting a pair that will last.

We are confident you will love the newest addition to the Beats headphones line. We also guarantee they will work just as well as you'd expect and should have better longevity than originally from the factory. Yes, we guarantee that since we have made the proper adjustments to fix the original manufacturer errors.

I hope this blog helps you feel more comfortable with your Beats purchase!

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