Extending Joe's Already Unheard of Warranty to 45 Days

Buying pre-owned or refurbished electronics, whether Beats by Dre headphones or cell phones, requires some level of trust from the buyer. The buyer needs to trust that the seller has the buyer's best interests in mind. Unfortunately, some sellers would...

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Iron Man Beats by Dre helmet

Looks like we're officially living in the future. No flying cars yet, but keep an eye out for a DJ who's practically a cyborg. He commissioned this one-of-a-kind Iron Man mask featuring glowing eyes, a cooling fan, and, of course,...

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Soft launching Joe's G & E

The time has come to get our own site up and running. We're live and ready to serve your electronics and gaming needs, although we're working on getting inventory up to snuff, we hope you join us for the ride!   ...

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