Nintendo Switch Speaker Replacement Fix Tutorial

Have one or both of the speakers on your Nintendo Switch stopped working? If so, this guide shows you how to replace them.

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Repair Difficulty:   Moderate 

Time to complete: 60-90 minutes

The tools and parts that you will need for this repair:

  1. New Speakers
  2. Nylon Spudger Tool (For unlocking ribbon connectors and doing other tasks that require a non conductive tool)
  3. Repair Kit (Or a Small Phillips Screwdriver and a Y Screwdriver)
  4.  Anti-Static Parts Organizer Mat



1. Remove the Back Cover

Using your Y tip screwdriver, remove the screw in each corner of the back cover. 

Remove the screw in each corner of the back cover


Using your Phillips head screwdriver, remove the two screws in the center of the bottom side of the console, the single screw in the center of the top side of the console, and the single screw in the center of each Joy Con rail on the sides of the console.

Two screws on the bottom side

Single screw on the top side

Screw in the center of each Joy Con rail 


Remove the screw under the kick stand and pop the came cartridge cover out.

Single screw under the kickstand

Pop the game slot cover out


With all of the screws removed, lift the back cover away from the console starting on the charge port side then wiggle the case on all of the other sides to lift it free. We would strongly recommend watching how to do this part in The Video so as not to break the back cover. 

Lifting the back cover up starting with the bottom 


2. Remove the Heat Sink

Remove the 7 silver screws from the metal heat sink, starting with the one in the center next to the fan.

7 silver screws in the heat sink


With the screws removed, unplug and remove the micro SD card reader by pinching the reader in your fingers then lifting straight away from the console as seen in the photo below.

Removing the Micro SD card reader


Lastly, lift the heat sink away from the console.

Lifting the heat sink away from the console 


3. Remove the Old Speaker

 Using your flat head screw driver, pull the speaker plugs out of their connectors on the motherboard. 

Sliding the speaker connector out of its socket


Using your flat head screwdriver, lift the speakers out of their places.

lifting the speaker out of its place


4. Install the New Speakers & Reconnect the Battery

Place the new speakers into the spot where you removed the old speakers from.

Placing the new speaker into its spot


Line up the speaker wires on the right side speaker to be underneath the heat sink as shown below.  

Aligning the wires on the right speaker into their place


Using your fingers or your flathead screwdriver, line up the new speaker plug with its socket and push it into place. 

Plugging the connector back into its socket


Line up the battery connector with its socket and press down until it clicks into place. 

Pressing the battery connector into its socket


5. Re-attach the Game Slot, Headphones Jack, and Heatsink

Slide the game slot in underneath the heat pipe and lift the ribbon cable on the right so that it is above the game slot.

Sliding the game slot assembly into its place

lifting the ribbon cable up and over the assembly


Place the black cover over the headphone port then re-install the 3 screws that hold the assembly in place.

Adding the black cover onto the headphone jack

3 screws to re-insert


Slide the ribbon cable on the other side of the game slot into its connector then, gently close the latch.

Sliding the ribbon cable into its slot and locking it


Gently push the connector on the left side straight down onto the motherboard. Don't force it, be gentle and position it until it will click in with minimal force.

Attaching the clip in connector


Place the heatsink back onto the console then gently attach the Micro SD card reader back onto its connector and align the slot onto the two dowels that hold it in place.

Attaching the SD card reader over the heatsink


Re-insert all 7 screws that hold down the heatsink starting with the one that holds the Micro SD slot in its place.

Securing the screw on the Micro SD card reader first


6. Attach the back cover

Start by aligning the two tabs on the bottom of the back cover with the two holes near the charging port then carefully lay the back cover down onto the console.

Aligning the tabs at the bottom of the back cover into the unit


Gently press in the center at the top of the back cover to lock the snap connectors in place. The back cover should be flush with the console all around after the top locks into place. 

 Snapping the top of the back cover down into place


Re-insert the two screws in the bottom of the console, the single screw in the top, and the single screw in the center of each Joy Con rail. Since these screws aren't magnetic, it helps to aim your screwdriver down and hold the screw on the end then drop the screw into its hole and tighten it until snug. 

Two screws at the bottom of the console

Single screw at the top

Single screw in the center of each Joy Con rail


Lift the kickstand and re-insert the short wide-headed screw into its hole.

Inserting the screw that goes under the kickstand


Using your Y tip screwdriver, re-insert the screw into each corner of the back housing. 

Inserting the four Y headed screws


7. Get back to enjoying your gear 🤓

If you have any questions in regards to this repair, feel free to shoot us an email or text and we will do our best to reply to you as quickly as possible. Please inquire using our Repair Catalog if you are wondering how much a certain repair will cost. If you do not see your item in our repair catalog, it means that we do not offer repair services for it. 


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