3M 300LSE Apple Samsung iPad Tablet MacBook Screen Charger Port Repair - Tape

$ 8.50

This 3M 300LSE tape is the perfect choice for fixing your iPad or Samsung tablet screen. It's tougher than the average die-cut tape and far superior to the Tesa tape you usually see. For some reason, those cutout tapes just don't do the job of keeping the screen in place for very long. Trust us - we use this tape for all our iPad repairs and it never lets us down!


  • What width of tape do I need for my iPad screen repair? 

We suggest using 2MM width tape on the left and top of the screen and 4MM or 5MM tape on the right and bottom of the iPad screen. 

  • Brand: 3M 
  • Type: 300LSE
  • Width Options: 1MM, 2MM, 4MM, or 5MM 
  • Length: 25 Meters (M) / 82 Feet or 55 Meters (M) / 180 Feet.