Apple AirPods Max Charging Issue Port Replacement Repair

$ 160.00

Are the Apple AirPods Max headphones you have experiencing a bad charger port or your headphones aren't charging? Do you see visible corrosion inside the charger port on your headphones? We can help by replacing a charger port on your AirPods Max headphones. 

How to determine your Apple AirPods Max headphones have a bad charger port and need a repair. This issue can be caused by overuse. Every time you charge your headphones you are adding wear to your charging port. Over time this charger port will go bad. We also see that if the port has some moisture introduced then over time it can cause some corrosion to show up inside the charger port. Gymgoers experience this issue most often.

Steps To Send Your Apple AirPods Max Headphones In For Repair: 

NO NEED to pay for this service ahead of time. Unlike all other repair service companies, we only charge you once we fix your broken Apple AirPods Max headphones. Please fill out our repair form, get your complimentary shipping label, send your device in, and we take care of the rest. 

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