Apple Airpods Max Headphones Spare Replacement Repair - Parts

$ 120.00

Genuine Apple Airpods Max headphones repair parts. These parts are tested and ensured to be working properly upon arrival. 

  • Brand: Apple
  • Model: Airpods Max 
  • Conditions: Grade A (9.5/10), Grade A- (9/10), and Grade B (8/10). 

Part Note: Battery - A2165 - 664mAh. (We have two options. One is Grade A pulled with the battery housing and the other is a New option that has no battery housing so you would use your original ones to take your bad battery out and add the new battery. There are two lettering options for the AirPods Max headphones the new ones are variation #2 we opened them up to confirm they are original. 

Part Number:

  • Right Speaker Mic - 821-01917-A
  • Left Speaker Mic - 01916-A
  • Charger Port - 02345-A 
  • Bluetooth Board - 820-01412-A
  • Power Board - 820-01402-A
  • Battery - A2165 - 664mAh 
  • Headband (Space Gray): 661-18238
  • Left Speaker Cup (Space Gray): 661-20691
  • Right Speaker Cup (Space Gray): 661-18238
  • Right Speaker Cup (Sky Blue): 661-18241

Watch Our How-To-Repair Videos 

You can mail-in your broken Apple Airpods Max headphones to JoesGE for repair. We can repair your broken headphones that may have issues like a bad speaker, failed Bluetooth connection, won't power on, a headband that is no longer working, a speaker cup that's no longer responding, a headphones jack that is rusted or liquid damaged, and any other possible issues you may have.