Apple Airpods Max Headphones Spare Replacement Repair - Parts

$ 140.00

Genuine Apple Airpods Max headphones repair parts. These parts are tested and ensured to be working properly upon arrival. 

  • Brand: Apple
  • Model: Airpods Max 
  • Conditions: Grade A (9.5/10), Grade A- (9/10), and Grade B (8/10). 

Part Number:

  • Right Speaker Mic - 821-01917-A
  • Left Speaker Mic - 01916-A
  • Charger Port - 02345-A 
  • Bluetooth Board - 820-01412-A
  • Power Board - 820-01402-A
  • Battery - A2165 - 664mAh
  • Headband (Space Gray): 661-18238
  • Left Speaker Cup (Space Gray): 661-20691
  • Right Speaker Cup (Space Gray): 661-18238
  • Right Speaker Cup (Sky Blue): 661-18241

Watch Our How-To-Repair Videos 

You can mail-in your broken Apple Airpods Max headphones to JoesGE for repair. We can repair your broken headphones that may have issues like a bad speaker, failed Bluetooth connection, won't power on, a headband that is no longer working, a speaker cup that's no longer responding, a headphones jack that is rusted or liquid damaged, and any other possible issues you may have.