JBL Charge 3 Micro USB Charger AUX USB Port Circuit Board - Parts

$ 60.00

Genuine JBL Charge 3 charger port circuit board. This board holds the AUX jack, USB jack and charger port. This part is original and tested before it ships. 


This JBL Charge 3 speaker has two models. You must look at your charger port before buying one to know which model you have. Charger ports are not compatible with one another. One charger port starts with GGEC in front of the part number and the other starts with TCL. We have two options on this listing select the part number that your charger port has. 

  • Brand: JBL
  • Part: Charger Port, USB Port, AUX Port Circuit Board. 
  • Condition: Used 

Part Numbers:

  • GGEC_JBL_Charge3_IO-REV:C
  • TCL_JBL_Charge3_IO_REV:D