(Y) 2.0MM Samsung Smartwatch Screwdriver Repair - Tool

$ 8.49
At JoesGE we repair thousands of electronics yearly. We do our best to find the best tools that are affordable and at the same time last a long time. When finding a good Samsung watch screwdriver we came across lots of cheaper screwdrivers that would then strip the tip over a few uses. This screwdriver uses harder metal and material. This allows for a precise fit and a longer-lasting screwdriver. See for yourself. Enjoy this tool.

A screwdriver can be used for the following models and any (Y) screw that requires 2.0mm sized screwdriver tip. This screwdriver is used for the back covers of Samsung watches. If you see a Y shaped screw head on the back cover of your Samsung Watch then you can be certain that this tool will help fix the issue. 
  • Samsung Active 1 (SM-R500)
  • Samsung Active 2 (SM-R820, SM-R825U, SM-R830, SM-R835U)
  • Samsung Galaxy (SM-R800, SM-R805U, SM-R810, SM-R815U)
  • Samsung Gear S2 (SM-R720, SM-R725U, SM-R730, SM-R735U)
  • Samsung Gear S3 (SM-R760, SM-R765U, SM-R770, SM-R775U)
  • Samsung Watch 4 (SM-R860, SM-R865, SM-R870, SM-R875U, SM-R880, SM-R885U, SM-R890, SM-R895U) 
  • Samsung Watch 5 (SM-R900, SM-R905U, SM-R910, SM-R915U, SM-R920, SM-R925U)