Fitbit Versa 4 & Sense 2 Screen First Look

We have received a few samples of the screens from the upcoming Fitbit Versa 4 & Sense 2 smartwatches which are rumored to launch in September. 

These new watches are rumored to pack some great new features with the Versa 4 likely receiving the ability to read your current stress level via an electrodermal activity (or EDA) reading. The original Fitbit Sense has had this feature since 2020 but with it having been adopted into the Charge 5, it is likely to show up in the Versa 4. 

Due to the Sense being Fitbit's flagship watch, it would make sense for new features to be shown off in it as well. There have been rumors that it might be able to monitor your EDA automatically throughout the day, rather than the current process of placing your hand on the watch for 1 minute to get a reading. 

A plethora of other new feature rumors have circulated such as physical buttons to replace the capacitive ones in use currently, atrial fibrillation (irregular heart rate flutter) detection, and some new ways to explore guided fitness sessions directly from your watch. We can't be sure as to the design of the watch or new features it might include, but we can dive in a bit as to what we should expect from these new screens. 

Front Sides of the Versa 3/Versa 4 screens

The bezels don't seem to be getting any smaller and the resolution is not rumored to change from the existing 336x336 resolution found on the Versa 3 and Sense and we don't have a way to test this screen as it differs from the existing Versa 3 screen. 

The backside of the new screen, however, does look a bit different with more copper heatsink visible which could indicate a more powerful backlight on the screen making the screen brighter on a sunny day. 

Backside of Versa 4 & Sense 2 screens

We are stoked to get our hands on these new watches and see what issues they have and how they can be best repaired.

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