Sony WH-1000XM4 Ear Pad Replacement

Are the ear pads on your XM4s ripped or starting to deteriorate? This is how to replace them.


If you would prefer to read a written repair guide, check that out below. Or if the tool cost seems prohibitive for a one time repair and you would prefer that we complete this repair for you, check out our Repair Catalog to see if we offer repair services for this device. 

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Repair Difficulty: Easy 

Time to complete: 15 minutes

The tools and parts that you will need for this repair:

  1. New Left and Right Earpads
  2. Strong Pry Tool (a guitar pick, or the dull side of a butter knife can also do the trick. Just be careful to not scratch the inside of the headphones)



    1. Remove the Ear Pads

    Insert your pry tool between the ear pad and the headphones just above or below from the center of the side of the ear pad. There is a clip in the center that holds the ear pad in place. Prying directly on the clip could break it and keep your ear pad from attaching properly.

    Lifting the ear pad with your pry tool

    Be careful to not damage the clips


    Once you lift the ear pad up on one side, you can use your hand to pull the ear pad away from the headphones. There are a few more clips so just pull and wiggle at each clip to unhook it. 

    Lifting the ear pad with your hand



    2. Install The New Ear Pads

    The left and right ear pads are specific to the each side. The left ear pad has a black seal on a short spout that sticks off of the back of the ear pad. This seal needs to be installed to align with the ear sensor inside of the left ear cup.

    Left and right ear pads


    Line up the clips with the holes in the speaker cup. The cutout in the top right corner of the right ear pad goes to the top left of the speaker cup just like the seal on the left ear pad. Press down on the edges of the ear pads to connect the snap connectors. 

    Line the clips on the ear pad up with the holes in the speaker housing

    This cutout faces up and to the left when the ear pad is placed on the speaker

    Press the ear pad into its place all around the ear pad until you hear the snap of the connectors


    3. Get back to enjoying your gear 🤓


    If you have any questions in regards to this repair, feel free to shoot us an email or text and we will do our best to reply to you as quickly as possible. Please inquire using our Repair Catalog if you are wondering how much a certain repair will cost. If you do not see your item in our repair catalog, it means that we do not offer repair services for it. 


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