Beats By Dre Solo 2 Solo 3 Wireless 5 Core Wire With Clip - Parts

$ 25.00

This wire can be used for your Beats Solo 2 or Solo 3 wireless headphones. This wire is responsible for a majority of issues on those two models. The wire plugs into the Bluetooth board and is soldered into AUX jack. 

What can this part fix?

From our experience we see that this wire and clip can fix the following defects. 

  • The headphones will charge but they wont power on.
  • No sound coming from the right speaker or left speaker.
  • Bluetooth not functioning. 

Of course this wire can not fix a broken speaker driver or a Bluetooth board but it is vital and if you replace the component i.e speaker driver and it still doesn't function then this wire is you next best bet.

Watch our repair video to replace this part.

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